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2017-02-14 (星期二)

話說情人節,要和情人慶祝, 但首先你要有個情人…


Valentine's Day is the perfect day to express your love to your special one, most of us would send flowers and chocolates, but do you know there are bizzare Valentine's Day traditions around the world. (Although you do need a lover on Valentine's day, oh well...)

威爾斯 Wales


威爾斯傳統的情人節禮物是木製湯匙,這個傳統已經有幾百年歷史了,當地的男生會親手雕刻一隻愛的湯匙,送給他心愛的女人。在威爾斯首府卡地夫,你可以在Welsh Folk Museum找到來自1667年的Love Spoon 呢!

The Welsh Love Spoon is an intricately carved wooden spoon, lovingly whittled down by a young man for the woman he loves. The tradition dates back 100s of years - a piece dating back to 1667 is on display in the Welsh Folk Museum in Cardiff.

丹麥 Denmark


雖然'Gaekkebrev' 字面上解釋為惡作劇信件,但這是丹麥人的浪漫。 自18世紀以來,丹麥男人會寫詩句或韻文,還會在信紙上剪出美麗的花紋。


Gaekkebrev, translated into English as 'joke letters'. the true meaning of Gaekkebrev is much more romantic. Dating back to the 18th Century, men traditionally wrote original poems or rhymes and cut the beautiful patterns into the paper they were written on. 

The only kint as to the sender was a signiture with a dot for each letter of the man's name; if the lucky lady guessed the sender, she receives an egg at Easter, but if she guessed wrong, she has to buy the poor lovelorn guy an Easter egg instead.

德國 Germany


德國人慶祝情人節的傳統大致上跟其他歐洲國家一樣,但大部份的情人節禮物都會有豬的圖案或標誌,因為在德國,豬隻代表「情慾」和「 運氣」。很奇怪吧?

German celebrations are fairly traditional and in line with the rest of Europe - however, many Valentine's gifts will feature a pig, which is (strangely enough) a German symbol of lust and luck.

南韓 South Korea



South Koreans follows similar traditions to the Japanese, though the scorned singletons celebrates their independence with Jajangmyeon, a dish made of white noodles with black bean sauce (or simply, 'black noodles'). 


香港 Hong Kong



英格蘭 England


In the 1700s, fair English maidens would pin four or five bay leaves to their pillow - traditionally on all four corners, and then perhaps one in the middle - to summon sweets dreams of their future husband as they slept.



祝各位情人節快樂!Happy Valentine's Day!